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Foundations for success

Finding your community

Deciding on the type of videos you want to make on TikTok can seem daunting. To help put to rest any concerns or questions, in this section we will explore how you can identify the right communities for you and your videos, find other creators who share your interests, and connect with people who enjoy watching you be you.

Choosing your Niche

A helpful place to start is to think about what type of videos you’d be comfortable making over and over again. It’s also important to keep in mind that you want to create videos about something that you authentically care about.

Sometimes it comes down to what makes you, well, you. For example, if you are a carpenter, sharing your skills with the community can be a great way to find or even build a community of people interested in what you do. Likewise, if you are you a musician, you may consider grabbing an instrument and teaching lessons to TikTok.

Finally, think about who your favorite TikTok creators are. You can see what works on TikTok and get inspiration from other creators. Watch videos, support your fellow creators, learn from them, and build upon them.

Content Categories

Though many different types of communities exist on TikTok, some are so big that they offer a simple entry point to video creation. Here are some of the major content categories on TikTok that will allow you to tap into a large, vibrant community:

Motivation. If you’re all about inspiring others, consider sending a message to the community with positive reinforcement.

Food. Whether you have a passion for making food or a family history of creating delicious meals, recipes and food reviews are a fun way to cook up a community on TikTok.

Education. Let’s say you have a specialized skill set. Maybe you’re handy with fixing things around the house. Consider teaching the rest of the community how to do something.

Sports & Fitness. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a professional athlete, share your tips or a behind-the-scenes look at your training.

Fashion. Perhaps you’ve always been someone with a keen eye for style. Think about showing the community your looks, closet tours, and wardrobe transitions.

Culture. Each one of us has a unique cultural experience to share. Teach the community what makes yours special. Shine a light on your culture and what it means to you.

Finding your favorite categories really depends on what you’re interested in. Experiment to find out what type of videos you love to create. Publishing videos in a specific video category helps you build consistency and an audience. But don’t feel pressured to stick to one niche!

Finding other creators

Remember that community is much more than just videos. It’s about finding other creators with similar interests and forging that human connection with other people. If you want to find creators that post similar videos, consider using relevant hashtags and engaging with videos in your favorite categories to see more of it. Once you discover other creators with similar interests, you can build relationships with them.

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