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TikTok creation essentials

Staying up to date with features

This post is all about some of TikTok’s exciting current features. Staying on top of feature releases can help you better engage with viewers, create more dynamic videos, and maximize your creative output.

Different layouts for Duet

TikTok’s popular Duet feature lets you create videos with other creators. Duets have many advantages, including being able to collaborate alongside other creators’ videos and automatically tagging the account you Duet with. The traditional Duet places your video next to the original one in a left-and-right layout. But there are several options to choose from.

React lets you show your response to the original video via a picture-in-picture display. Top and Bottom places your reaction video above the original one. Finally, Three Screen allows more creators to participate in a single clip.


Stitch allows creators to clip and integrate scenes from another user’s video into their own. It provides fun opportunities to reinterpret and add to another creator’s videos. You can build on their stories, tutorials, recipes, math lessons, and more.

Add text to cover images

If you want an easy way to explain to users what your video is all about, consider adding text to your cover image. When you add a title or label to your videos, it’ll appear on the cover thumbnail. Now when users browse your profile page, Discover page, or Sound page, they can quickly see what your video is about before watching it. This may provide an extra incentive that they’ll click in to watch.

Reply to comments with video

Are you interested in connecting with viewers’ comments more directly? Think about responding with a video. You can select a comment on an existing video and then reply to it with a new video. The selected comment will also turn into a custom sticker that you can use in your response video.

Adjust clips

Another exciting feature is adjust clips. Gone are the days when you have to get your shot in one perfect take. With adjust clips, you have the ability to better manage individual clips within a video. You can reorder, reshoot, and even trim clips. Adjust clips lets you craft your video exactly how you want it.


This feature lets you add voice-over or audio dubbing to your videos during the editing stage of creation. You can narrate a story, add your voice to a song, or even just describe what’s going on in front of the camera. If you want to elevate your storytelling and connect even further with your audience, it might help to give voice-over a try.

Pinning stickers

Consider adding more creative flair to your videos by pinning stickers. With this feature, you can pin stickers to moving objects so that it follows them as they move throughout the scene. Now the sticker looks as though it’s part of the video. The stickers will change size relative to the video’s movement too.

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