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Q&A: engaging with your community

When it comes to growing your reach as a creator, there’s one idea we can’t stress enough: Engage with your audience. The comments section provides the perfect opportunity to engage with viewers and keep a dialogue going. That’s why TikTok created tools like Q&A to help you maximize connection in video comments and LIVE, helping you build community as you create.


Q&A enhances your connection with your audience by allowing viewers to ask questions directly through your profile page.

In your bio, a Q&A profile link takes you to a separate Q&A page in which all questions that have been asked and answered can be found. Viewers can submit new questions from any creator’s profile/Q&A page; that creator will automatically be invited to answer the question and then users can invite other creators to answer too!

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can open your camera and click on the “Reply” feature to find questions and comments readily available. You can also add comments and questions to your “Favorites” and it will appear in that tab.

Q&A Inbox

To find the questions you’ve been invited to answer, head to your notifications. You can click on the down arrow next to “All activity” at the top and filter to just Q&A, as you can with other notification types.

Q&A on Profile & Invite Settings

To show the Q&A feature on your profile:

  1. Head to your Settings and Privacy page
  2. Select “Creator tools.”
  3. Tap Q&A.
  4. Click the three dots in top right corner and toggle “Show on profile.” On this page you can also select who can invite you to answer questions.

LIVE Comments

Q&A is also available during LIVEs, allowing creators to easily identify Q&A questions in their streams from a separate panel. LIVE hosts also have the option to show the questions to all viewers and answer them formally through Q&A.

Comment Culture

Remember: The exchange of questions and answers isn’t only relevant to LIVEs and videos. Q&As are a vital part of the TikTok comment experience, and the comments section can be a place in which trends and culture are created and shaped on TikTok. Q&A empowers you to engage with your community, build meaningful connections, and learn more about your audience.

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