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TikTok content strategy

Defining your brand

If you’ve ever been curious about building a personal brand, this post has you covered. We’ll break down all the ways you can build and manage your personal brand to maximize opportunities for your videos on TikTok.

Why build a personal brand?

A personal brand helps make it easy for people to identify your videos. When you have a signature video style, your viewers can easily spot your videos and know what to look out for. It can also open the door to collaborations and other opportunities.

Defining your personal brand

Start by thinking of all the things you’re passionate about. What is your area of expertise? What are your superpowers? What topics do you authentically want to cover? What aesthetics or styles are true to you? Consider focusing in on your persona and the unique things about yourself that you want to highlight and put front and center.

Keep in mind that your personal brand may evolve over time, so don’t feel pressured to define yourself in a finite way or that you’re pigeonholed in a certain niche forever.

Promoting your personal brand

Let’s talk about promoting your personal brand. First, you might want to invest in your personal brand narrative. Think about how you want to market yourself.

Utilize your bio to give people a preview into your personal brand and the kind of things you typically post about. Collaborate with other creators or brands to get your name out to a larger audience.

Investing back in your account

Let’s say you start to see some results. What you might want to consider doing is investing in your personal brand or in things that will make your videos shine.

While your phone camera is perfectly capable of making great videos, perhaps you want higher resolution shots or better lighting. You might consider investing in some new production equipment, such as cameras, lights, or tripods, to help you produce more professional-quality videos.

There are other ways to invest in your videos that don’t require money. Invest your time to learn new skills, attend networking conferences, or participate in workshops and events.

Expanding your team

If you’re seeing an overwhelming number of opportunities coming your way, you might want to consider looking into services that to help you manage everything, like your shooting schedule, day-to-day calendar, correspondence, and more.

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