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TikTok content strategy

Creator communities

If you’ve ever wondered about how to grow as a creator in your community, you’re not alone. In this post, we’ll give an overview of how to succeed as a creator once you’ve found your community.

Creating success

The more videos you create, the more opportunities you have to connect with audiences that love what you share. To connect with the right viewers, try using hashtags associated with the trends, phrases, or topics you cover in your video. We recommend only using hashtags that are relevant to your video rather than hashtags like #FYP. Using hashtags like #FYP or #foryou will not actually help your video’s discoverability.

Remember, always stay true to yourself! Authenticity is king on TikTok. Express yourself authentically and share the joy of your own hobbies and interests. Blaze your own trail, be creative, and create videos that are true to yourself, and your community will follow.

Consistency is key, so consider adopting a posting schedule and sticking to it! Posting regularly is a great way to build a lasting relationship with audiences and stay top of mind.

Generating new content ideas

Consider staying on top of trends and putting your own unique spin on challenges. And, if you’re looking for new ideas for videos, you might take a look back at older uploads to see what people especially loved.

It just might be time to create part two! You can also explore the topics and themes from your videos that were popular to know what most resonates with your viewers and what you can create next.

Study your top-performing videos. Are there any themes that perform best? What are the commonalities between them? Consider using these learnings to inform your future content strategy.

For example, if you’re a food creator, maybe “easy recipes” is a theme that consistently performs well and resonates with your audience. Consider adding more easy recipe videos to your production schedule.

Don’t limit yourself to one community

Part of the beauty of TikTok is that there is no shortage of communities to call your own. Don’t feel the need to stick to only one kind of video. What starts as an account dedicated to bird-watching can just as easily transform into a DIY vlog diary. Have fun, get creative, and experiment until you find what works for you.

Ultimately, explore, experiment, stay true to yourself, and remember to keep your audience in mind.

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