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Community Guidelines and Safety

Community Guidelines

At TikTok, our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy. And this is made possible through the fostering of a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Our Community Guidelines serve as a code of conduct for the app and help support a safe TikTok experience that people know and enjoy.

While we make our Community Guidelines publicly available — and encourage everyone on TikTok to be familiar with them — here are are a few to keep in mind as you’re creating and engaging on TikTok:

Violence and hateful behavior

We want everyone to feel empowered to express themselves on TikTok. This is why videos that incite or provoke violence or hatred against an individual or a group of people — including race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, and more — are not welcome on TikTok and can lead to suspensions and bans.

Harassment and bullying

TikTok seeks to create an environment where everyone feels welcome and safe. That’s why TikTok does not condone abusive behavior of any kind or for any reason. Nor does TikTok tolerate any uninvited or otherwise inappropriate behavior.

Adult nudity and sexual activities

Nudity, pornography, or sexually explicit content are not allowed on our platform. Any content that depicts or supports non-consensual sexual acts, the sharing of non-consensual intimate imagery, and adult sexual solicitation are strictly prohibited.

Graphic content

TikTok is a global community that celebrates creativity, but not for shock-value or violence. As a member of this vibrant community, posts that depict harm or cruelty to people or animals, or otherwise encourage people to harm themselves are not allowed. Any graphic or shocking videos are not welcome on the platform.

Minor safety

We are deeply committed to ensuring the safety of minors on TikTok. Any videos that depict, involve, or are related to the sexual exploitation, targeting, or endangerment of a minor, or otherwise may be harmful to a minor are strictly prohibited and subject to intervention from law enforcement and authorities.

Misleading or infringing content

TikTok is a home for authentic expression and integrity. When you post videos on TikTok, the community wants to trust that you are who you say you are and that your videos are your original creations. Videos that mislead others or that violate the trademark or copyrights or any intellectual property right of someone else are not allowed on the platform. We strive to be transparent about our policies. For this reason, when a video is removed for violating our policies, we’ll let the video’s creator know which Community Guidelines were violated in leading to the removal and provide the video creator with the ability to appeal the decision. We believe that transparency about our actions and intentions are important for our community to continue to build trust in us.

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