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For You feed Eligibility Standards

For You feed Eligibility Standards

Released April 17, 2024

Effective May 17, 2024

The For You feed (FYF) is a unique TikTok feature that uses a personalized recommendation system to allow you to discover a breadth of content, creators, and topics. In determining what gets recommended, the system takes into account factors including likes, shares, comments, searches, diversity of content, and popular videos. Learn more about the recommendation system, as well as tools to help customize recommendations.

Certain types of content may be fine if seen occasionally, but problematic if viewed in clusters. This includes content such as dieting, extreme fitness, sexual suggestiveness, sadness (such as statements of hopelessness, or sharing sad quotes), and overgeneralized mental health information (such as a quiz that claims to diagnose someone). This type of content may be eligible for the FYF but, we will interrupt repetitive content patterns to ensure it is not viewed too often. Learn more about our approach to safeguarding and diversifying recommendations.

We maintain content eligibility standards for the FYF that prioritize safety and are informed by the diversity of our community and cultural practices. While the spontaneity of the FYF is what makes TikTok unique, it is intended for a range of audiences that includes everyone from teenagers to great grandparents. We make ineligible for the FYF, and may also make harder to find in search, certain content that may not be suitable for a broad audience.

We know that the FYF provides an opportunity to reach a large audience, which is not always suitable for some young people. We make content created by anyone under 16 years old ineligible for the For You feed (FYF).

Content that is ineligible for the FYF can still be discovered in other ways, such as through search tools or by following an account. When a video does not get many views, it may be due to a lack of community engagement rather than being ineligible for the FYF. Creators can use the TikTok analytics tool to track the performance of their videos.

Throughout our guidelines, you will see eligibility standards for the FYF. Here is a consolidated "quick guide" of content that is ineligible for the FYF.


Youth Safety and Well-Being

  • Any content created by an account holder under 16 years old

Hate Speech and Hateful Behavior

  • Some content that uses stereotypes, insinuation, or indirect statements that may implicitly demean protected groups

Disordered Eating and Body Image

  • Showing, describing, promoting, or offering or requesting coaching for potentially harmful weight management behaviors including:
    • Restrictive low-calorie diets, such as extended intermittent fasting
    • Using medication or supplements for weight loss or muscle gain, such as anabolic steroid use
    • Exercises designed for rapid and significant weight loss, such as cardio routines that promise to help you lose a waist size in a week
  • Promoting weight loss or muscle gain products, such as sharing a before-and-after transformation
  • Promoting body types as ideal or perfect, when associated with potentially harmful weight management behaviors
  • Showing or promoting cosmetic surgery that does not include risk warnings, including before-and-after images, videos of surgical procedures, and messages discussing elective cosmetic surgery

Dangerous Activity and Challenges

  • Showing activity that involves visible or imminent moderate physical harm, or promoting activity that is likely to lead to moderate physical harm

Nudity and Body Exposure

  • Showing semi-nudity of adults, such as wearing only nipple covers or underwear that does not cover the majority of the buttocks
  • Showing youth in clothing that exposes substantial cleavage, or the clothed outline of certain intimate body parts (genitalia and nipples)
  • Showing infants and toddlers (under the age of 4) with implied nudity or partially exposing their buttocks

Sexually Suggestive Content

  • Showing adults engaging in intimate kissing, sexualized framing, or sexualized behavior
  • Showing sex products

Shocking and Graphic Content

  • Showing:
    • Human or animal blood
    • Extreme physical fighting
    • Graphic or potentially distressing footage of events that are in the public interest to view, such as clashes with law enforcement or the aftermath of a bombing or natural disaster
    • Fictional graphic violence
    • Potentially distressing material that may cause anxiety or fear, such as showing non-severe injuries and accidents, dead animals, jump scare effects, or gory make-up
    • Mildly graphic material that may cause disgust, including human and animal bodily functions and fluids (such as urine or vomit), and close-ups of organs and certain animals (such as insects or rats)


  • Conspiracy theories that are unfounded and claim that certain events or situations are carried out by covert or powerful groups, such as "the government" or a "secret society"
  • Moderate harm health misinformation, such as an unproven recommendation for how to treat a minor illness
  • Repurposed media, such as showing a crowd at a music concert and suggesting it is a political protest
  • Misrepresenting authoritative sources, such as selectively referencing certain scientific data to support a conclusion that is counter to the findings of the study
  • Unverified claims related to an emergency or unfolding event
  • Potential high-harm misinformation while it is undergoing a fact-checking review

Civic and Election Integrity

  • Unverified claims about an election, such as a premature claim that all ballots have been counted or tallied
  • Statements that significantly misrepresent authoritative civic information, such as a false claim about the text of a parliamentary bill

Fake Engagement

  • Content that tricks or manipulates others as a way to increase gifts, or engagement metrics, such as "like-for-like" promises or other false incentives for engaging with content

Unoriginal Content

  • Reproduced or unoriginal content that is imported or uploaded without any new or creative edits, such as content with someone else's visible watermark or superimposed logo
  • Low quality content, such as extremely short clips or exclusively-GIF based videos


  • Showing or glamorizing gambling or gambling-like activities, such as filming someone gambling or making any general positive statements about gambling

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

  • Discussing drugs or other regulated substances (as long as the substances are not being used or shown)
  • Promoting tobacco products
  • Showing the consumption of excessive amounts of alcohol by adults

Commercial Disclosure and Paid Promotion

  • Marketing content that is not disclosed using the content disclosure setting


  • LIVE content with a primary purpose of directing people off-platform
  • LIVE content that is ineligible for the FYF, including content shared by a guest in a multi-guest LIVE

More information

Protected groups means individuals or communities that share protected attributes.

Potentially harmful weight management means diets, medication, or exercise used for rapid or drastic weight loss or muscle gain that may create a long-term health or well-being risk.

Moderate physical harm is harm that is unlikely to require professional medical treatment and does not pose a risk of disability or disfigurement. This includes small cuts with minimal blood loss and minor bruising on the body.

Intimate body parts means genitalia, buttocks, and breasts (including nipple and areola).

Semi-nudity means being mostly unclothed and close to (but not actually) nude, such as implied nudity or wearing clothes that minimally cover intimate body parts.

Intimate kissing means kissing that may indicate sexual arousal or the beginning of a sexual interaction.

Sexualized framing means content that intentionally emphasizes clothed intimate body parts through techniques, such as filming, editing, or positioning of the body in front of the camera.

Sexualized behavior means behavior that is intended to be sexually arousing, including performances or repetitive body movements emphasizing intimate body parts, and imitating sexual acts.

Sex product means an object or device that is designed to be used for sexual pleasure, such as a sex toy.

Misinformation means false or misleading content.

Moderate harm health misinformation means false or misleading content regarding the treatment or prevention of injuries, conditions, or illnesses that are not immediate or life-threatening.

Conspiracy theories means beliefs about unexplained events, or involve rejecting generally accepted explanations for events, including and suggesting they were carried out by covert or powerful individuals or groups.

Repurposed media means unedited media content that is presented out of context and may mislead a person about a developing topic of public importance.

Misrepresented authoritative sources means content that promotes misleading correlations or conclusions related to authoritative information that is recognized and trusted, such as reports from research institutions.

Gambling is betting money (including digital currencies, such as bitcoin) or something of monetary value on an event with an uncertain outcome, for a financial gain.

Gambling-like activities means activities that do not rise to the level of gambling, but are similar in behavior and carry similar risks, such as social casinos and gambling-related software.

Tobacco products include vaping products, smokeless or combustible tobacco products, synthetic nicotine products, E-cigarettes, and other Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems.

Regulated substances include prescription drugs, over-the-counter drugs, compressed air canisters (whippets), and nitrite poppers.