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Yves Saint Laurent

Driving awareness and consideration for Yves Saint Laurent's Black Opium perfume ahead of the Christmas season.

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The Objective

As one of the world’s leading beauty brands, Yves Saint Laurent Beauty asserts itself as a collection of icons, with each creation driven by boldness, youth and the avant-garde. Yves Saint Laurent is the go-to premium beauty brand for a flawless complexion with a fashionable twist. When it wanted to drive awareness with young consumers of the leading perfume, Black Opium, ahead of the Christmas period, YSL came to TikTok for help.

The Solution

To reach a broad, young Belgian audience ahead of the Christmas period, Yves Saint Laurent chose to partner with a popular creator to replicate a TikTok trend – capitalising on an existing movement amongst the community, and producing a truly authentic feel for their campaign.

Sound-on and full screen, the One Day Max In-Feed Ad featured performing the popular “glow up” trend, in which she transformed from everyday wear into a stylish and luxurious Christmas outfit, finished off with a spritz of YSL’s Black Opium.

Appearing in users’ For You feeds, this ad was almost indistinguishable from other user-generated content, creating a highly native placement that still drove to the web shop via a call to action. Totally immersive, soundtracked by an official song, and packed with style, the video provided a fresh and natural alternative to stale product ads, and proved irresistible for users across the country.

The Results 

Running for just one day on 15 December 2020, the YSL One Day Max In-Feed Ad reached more than 1.6 million users, and generated more than 1.1 million video views with a click-through rate of 1.37%. Performance on 2s and 6s video views was also largely above benchmark thanks to the native creative, showing genuine community interest in the content.

Lena Mécène, Media Manager YSL Benelux - "During the Christmas season it was key for us to go big to support our edgy, must-have fragrance : Black Opium. As this fragrance is driven by boldness & youth, we decided to partner with TikTok and Creators to create the perfect content in line with our core values. Therefore, we followed the latest trends to engage with our consumers and made sure the content was completely in line with the platform. We believe that the golden combination is having the right product shown to the right target audience. This is exactly why this campaign has been so successful."

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