Building awareness for an e-commerce site in Russia as a holiday shopping destination

The Objective

Yandex.Market is one of the most popular marketplaces in Russia. Yandex.Market collaborates with both offline and online retailers, as well as small and large e-commerce websites. As revenues tends to spike during the holiday seasons, the brand sought to leverage TikTok to build its reputation as the prime destination for shoppers during Saint Valentine's Day, Defender of the Fatherland Day and International Women's Day.

The Solution

Yandex.Market's campaign was centered around a series of eye-catching TopView ads. The brand knew that the ad had to stand out, and not necessarily just for its quality, but for its authenticity too. So for the ad creative, the brand collaborated with three popular Russian TikTok creators on three separate campaigns. Yandex.Market's only major requirement was to come up with a witty ad creative. The resulting videos were authentic and true to the platform — the kind of content that you'd find organically in For You Feed.

The combination of creator partnerships, fun music and attention-grabbing video was designed to drive maximum attention to the campaign. More importantly, it needed to drive new visitors to Yandex.Market's landing page and b rand account on TikTok.

The Result

By combining irony and fun music into a series of ad creatives that looked and felt native, TikTok users in Russia couldn't get enough. The comments speak for themselves, "It's the best ad on TikTok," said one user. "The first ad I liked," said another.

The campaign as a whole surpassed all benchmarks, with a total of 82.3 million video views and 12.9 million clicks across all three campaigns. Just as significantly, the campaign saw an average engagement rate of 15.8%. Following this campaign, Russian TikTok users knew, for any holiday, Yandex.Market was THE place to shop online.

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