Warner Music Asia

Warner Music Asia

Promoting dozens of major label musicians in five Asia-Pacific markets with TikTok Auction Ads.

The Objective

Warner Music Group is one of the largest recording companies in the global music industry, providing a world-class array of services designed to help artists and labels grow their careers and businesses. It’s no secret that TikTok has been a staging ground for propelling musical careers, reigniting interest in musicians of a bygone era, and driving awareness for today’s in-vogue musicians. Recognizing TikTok’s undeniable influence within the music industry, Warner Music Asia, a registered branch of Warner Music Hong Kong Limited, an affiliate of Warner Music Group, sought to generate maximum awareness and buzz for 29 of its artists and 31 of their tracks in the Asia-Pacific region, with the goal of driving audiences to fall in love with its artists’ full-length songs.

The Solution

Despite the complexity of the campaign, which sought to reach multiple markets with the most relevant artists and tracks, Warner Music Asia was able to expertly target millions of users with Auction Ads through TikTok Ads Manager, TikTok's official campaign management platform.

Warner Music Asia used music videos as ad creatives and targeted metrics across five Asia-Pacific markets to drive visitors to a landing page where they could listen to a complete, full-length song by each artist. To achieve its goals, the brand employed Auction Ad campaign goals including maximizing reach and traffic, while also optimizing for 6-second video views - in other words, goals that show ad creatives only to audiences that were most likely to view video ads longer than six seconds.

The Results

Warner Music Asia's Auction Ads campaign was a huge success, reaching the eyes and ears of as many as 13 million unique users – or potential new fans from the brand’s point of view. And what's more, not only did its video ad creatives garner a collective 49 million video views and a 6-second view-through rate of 19.6%, it also won ad inventory that was on average 80% lower than its CPC bid cost. For a complex campaign that sought to drive awareness for 31 different tracks across a wide range of target audiences, TikTok's Auction Ads were the perfect solution for driving maximum awareness while ensuring the optimal use of budget.

“TikTok has enabled us to diversify our digital advertising and provided us new dynamic ways to target different segments, especially highly active Gen Z audiences.” said Kennie Tang, Regional Director of Digital Strategy & Innovation for Warner Music Asia.