TOA Paint Group

TOA Paint Group

Driving awareness for classic paint colors with a new generation of Thai consumers

The Objective

As Thailand’s leading paint brand and manufacturer, TOA Paint Group is always looking for ways to increase brand awareness. A new generation of Thai consumers had entered TOA's purview and the brand wanted to market their classic 4 Seasons Paint to this new audience. But this generation was used to embracing highly-engaging content. And for any campaign to succeed, users had to interact with the brand beyond the initial exposure.

The Solution

TOA wanted to leverage on its past success from a famous offline marketing tagline "สีทนได้" from over a decade ago and integrate this into a Branded Hashtag Challenge. The result was #สีทนได้, a Hashtag Challenge designed to convey the message that TOA is a highly tolerant paint - whether its against sun rays, rain or any weather conditions, TOA can overcome it all. Similar to TOA paint, users were invited to vent about struggles they faced in 2021 but to always remember to stay tolerant to any circumstance they might face. This challenge was set to an original music track that users could lip-sync to. Each video also featured a TOA 4 Seasons Paint color, popularly marketed for its endurance.

As the campaign’s key messaging was included towards the end of the videos, the completion rate became a vital metric. So, TOA not only engaged some of Thailand’s most prominent TikTok creators, they also incentivized participation. Creators whose videos were the top 4 most liked would win a cash prize. The campaign’s structure was a win-win for the TOA brand and its audiences. Incentives inspired the creation of entertaining content. It also complimented TOA’s trademark catchy and fun marketing style.

To help drive users to the challenge, TOA ran TopView ads during the start of the campaign. It was also featured in the Discover tab's trending hashtag list, and as a Banner.

The Result

TOA’s Branded Hashtag Challenge was a success. The emphasis on creating memorable content resulted in high quality campaign engagements. The campaign exceeded initial benchmarks with over 1.3 million Hashtag Challenge page views. The campaign also saw over 84 million video views and 8.9 million engagements, showing just how excited and willing users were to interact with the brand.

"TikTok is a great platform that helped us reach and connect with our younger consumers. The #สีทนได้ Hashtag Challenge allowed us to leave a lasting impression on our users and led to satisfactory results including high engagement and massive reach" said Jugkawan Homklinkaew, Marketing Manager, Decorative-Medium, TOA Paint Group.

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