Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

Helping the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health promote the SwissCovid app to young people in Switzerland.

The Objective

In 2020, the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) wanted to raise the profile of their SwissCovid app to help prevent the spread of the disease. Hoping to reach a new, younger audience with their message, they came to TikTok for a fun and informative campaign that took a bold leap away from the norm. 

The Solution

In one of the first monetized health campaigns in the country, the FOPH decided to launch a highly creative video from their profile @swisspublichealth that would reimagine the way we think about public health messaging.

Embracing the founding principles of TikTok – spreading moments of joy and creativity – the FOPH produced a colourful and engaging ad that would spread their message to young people in Switzerland. Featuring a young person acting out the public guidance through dance and mime, the campaign took a humorous yet informative look at the pandemic, all wrapped in a highly native aesthetic that felt right at home on the TikTok feed.

The ad was launched as a TikTok TopView to gain maximum reach, displaying as the first video users see on opening the app. A call to action then drove to an app page from which the SwissCovid app could be downloaded.

The Results

The FOPH’s SwissCovid app campaign performed incredibly well for the one day it was live, generating an impressive 1.45 million impressions. More than 258,000 clicks were recorded, with a click-through rate of 17.9%. Coupled with an engagement rate of 18.99%, these results show just how well a campaign can perform when you pair creative content with TikTok’s mission to spread moments of joy.

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