Slate & Tell

Slate & Tell

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The Objective

SLATE & TELL is a personalized jewelry brand that offers a meaningful and creative way to tell your own story with rings, charms, necklaces, and bracelets. The independent jewelry brand wanted to build awareness and consideration for their product as a lead up to their peak selling moments during the holiday season, with the ultimate goal of seeing 2X return on ad spend within 6 months.

The Solution

The brand leveraged TikTok For Business's Smart Video Creative Tool to develop fun and engaging TikToks for their spring promotions, and launched the campaign as a series of In-Feed Ads that seamlessly displayed within the For You feed. When optimizing campaigns to upper funnel events, such as add-to-cart and product page views, Slate & Tell saw an increase in performance and return on ad spend.

The Results

With TikTok's help, Slate & Tell reached four million people on the platform, with 1,000 single session add-to-carts — nailing their goal of 2X return on ad spend within the timeline they wanted.

The Testimonial

"We see endless potential on TikTok and wanted to get in early to start building our presence this summer in preparation for peak holiday season. We've met our ROAS goals within days whereas on other platforms it's taken months. We're excited about experimenting with creatives and growing on the platform," Isaac Gad, CEO of Slate & Tell.

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