Leveraging the power of community commerce to launch a new line of "ready-to-bake" cookies

The objective

Shufersal, Israel's largest supermarket chain, was looking to launch a new series of products⁠: ready-to-bake cookie dough for home baking. As the target audience for the new product was young adults aged 18-30 who are looking for quick and easy solutions when it comes to cooking and baking, Shufersal decided to leverage TikTok as the main channel for this launch with the objective of raising awareness and desirability for the new line of delicious cookie dough.

The solution

Shufersal, who has managed to build one of the most successful brand channels in Israel, knew that in order to appeal to the TikTok community and drive high engagement they had to lean into authenticity and make their content feel like native TikToks, not ads.

Firstly, the brand collaborated with a popular foodie TikTok creator who produced four organic TikTok videos for their Business Account, each one showcasing a different recipe with the new product. The tone and style of the videos was a perfect fit for TikTok, as the creator incorporated all of the most captivating recipe trends such as quick editing and the use of ASMR sounds.

As a second step, Shufersal partnered with three leading creators who were all asked to make a "Duet" with one of the videos, and show their own version to the recipes. Each creator made a different video that fit their own style, allowing them to showcase their unique tone of voice. The videos were then promoted as Spark ads to gain maximum visibility and impact. Spark Ads is a native ad display format which allows businesses to boost their own organic videos or videos of creators as either TopView ads or In-Feed Ads, or even both.

The results

The camping drove phenomenal results both on TikTok and in stores. More than four million views with a view-through rate of 51%, along with 80,000 likes and thousands of shares helped spread the word across TikTok even further.

Most importantly, Shufersal saw an increase of 251% in sales, compared to the two weeks prior to the campaign. The share of online sales spiked from 10% to 37%, providing a significant boost to the brand's e-commerce channel.

The innovative approach paid off, once again showcasing the power of TikTok to influence consumer behaviour and drive business results. This is also another great example of the # TikTokMadeMeBuyIt trend.

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“Shufersal operates various platforms in order to meet the company's different target audiences. We see TikTok as a growing and innovative platform and it was natural for us to be the pioneers in Israel for integrating the platforn into our advertising plans and build a dedicated activity for TikTok. That activity proved to be successful and achieving both brand exposure and relevance and customer engagement.”
Guy Even, Director of marketing loyalty and digital