Driving awareness and increasing purchase consideration for hair colour products in Australia

The Objective

Leading hair care brand Schwarzkopf wanted to promote its LIVE Colour hair dye range, enabling Aussies to change the colour of their hair at will. To connect directly with younger consumers, Schwarzkopf partnered with the team at TikTok to develop a fit-for-platform campaign designed to reach a new audience, drive awareness, increase purchase consideration and ultimately convert new customers. As this was Schwarzkopf's first TikTok campaign in market, the brand was also looking to test and learn more about the platform.

The Solution

The transformation trend was already big in TikTok—whereby the community shows the various stages of their hair colour changing. So to show up natively on the platform and tap into what was already trending with our community, Schwarzkopf harnessed the creativity of top lifestyle creators, @demiskinner, @alexis_bree, @jasminetxo, @sam.b.perry and @sooklyn. Each creator posted two TikToks. The first focused on showing the audience the steps to dye their hair and the second highlighted the creator's transformation.

As part of its test-and-learn strategy with the platform, the Schwarzkopf team ran an A/B test across traditional In-Feed Ads and Spark Ads to determine which solution was best suited for this campaign. This test proved that Spark Ads were more effective in driving results for the brand. Spark Ads is a native ad format that allows brands to boost their own organic content or the popular content of other creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads. In this case, the brand boosted videos of the creators discussing Schwarzkopf's LIVE Colour hair dye for a truly organic feel.

The Results

The native and on-trend creator-led LIVE Colour campaign delivered more than 20 million impressions and 18 million video views with an average view-through rate of 10.11%, far exceeding the average benchmark, and a cost per 6-second view-through of $0.01.

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