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Driving mass awareness and consideration with Samsung’s Galaxy Man in the Netherlands

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1.8 M
Video Views
1.6 M
User reached
1.91 %
Click-Through Rate

The Objective

Samsung is the world famous tech manufacturer that produces products, across many electronics verticals. It turned to TikTok to promote the latest model of the Samsung Galaxy with Galaxy Man, in the Netherlands, driving awareness and consideration at scale.

The Solution

Samsung, in partnership with agencies Publicis and Blauw Gras, used a One Day Max In-Feed Ad to give this campaign a short, sharp burst of maximum exposure – and collaborated with a popular Dutch creator (@thomasstuktv) to do it. The One Day Max went live on December 5, 2020, which is the day the Dutch celebrate “Sinterklaas,” and so to keep things extremely relevant and native, @thomasstuktv reads a Sinterklaas poem throughout the ad. Galaxy Man appears in the background, adding a touch of humour to the narration and keeping users engaged.

Running for just one day only, One Day Max In-Feed Ads display natively in the For You feed among the first ads and posts a user sees. The format achieves an organic feel, often leading to high engagement, whilst still allowing brands to supercharge exposure with paid spend. Because it lives in the feed, the content is often a softer brand sell too, as opposed to in-your-face marketing, and Samsung understood this incredibly well.

The Results

The One Day Max In-Feed Ad exceeded expectations, delivering over 1.8 million video views and reaching an enormous 1.6 million unique users in the process. It also delivered an impressive click-through rate of 1.91%, which led to over 31,000 clicks, and rose above its target performance. Out of this world.

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