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30 %
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15 %
Coversion Rate Increase
1.6 x
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The Objective

Streaming media is fast becoming the go-to source of entertainment in Vietnam and the shutting down of cinemas due to the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated this growth. In this fast-growing market, digital entertainment company POPS WORLDWIDE knew it had to stand out.

The Solution

When it comes to finding the right solution, more heads are better than one. This is exactly the kind of advantage that POPS WORLDWIDE received when it signed up for the TikTok Creative Program (TCP). A month-long project that helps brands drive promotional efforts through collaborations with external creative agencies, the TCP helps bring diverse ideas to the table.

As part of the TCP, brands and advertisers can get free creative support from the TikTok Team, including in the form of brand new creative production. Through TCP, POPS Worldwide worked with official TikTok Creative Marketing Partner, PLASTIQ Collective - an emerging art and visual production agency based in Vietnam that offers creative services focusing on videography, photography, design, and visual brand identities across all social visual platforms. As part of the program, 24 new creatives were assigned to POPS WORLDWIDE with 2 main creative types: film cuts and human-centric videos. Developing different creative types allowed POPS WORLDWIDE to create a more holistic marketing approach on TikTok. An example of one of their best performing ads was a human-centric video that features a female user downloading the POPS WORLDWIDE application on her mobile phone. Using a comical and high-pitched voiceover — a video style commonly seen on TikTok — she highlights the service’s extensive array of shows, including one of the platform’s highest-grossing series, Japanese animation "One Piece".

POPS WORLDWIDE also ran In-Feed Ads with an install objective embedded within short videos on users’ feeds which also helped to boost app download numbers. Through the TCP, POPS WORLDWIDE was able to recognize the importance of refreshing creatives as well as exploring different creative types to achieve their goals.

The Results

For one, the TCP has allowed POPS WORLDWIDE to minimize costs. It has allowed the company to achieve a 41 per cent consumption lift at a cost per install that is 30 per cent lower than their existing solutions. Through the use of various creatives, POPS WORLDWIDE also saw a 15% increase in conversion rate with 1.6x conversion volume.

"TikTok helped us to achieve very impressive results on recruiting new users on our app. We got a high number of user within a short amount of time, while CPA is lower than market, and the quality of users is strong enough to keep our app growing in 2021" said Mr. Loc Do, Senior Marketing Manager - Growth, POPS WORLDWIDE. From dishing out blockbusters and must-see movies, POPS WORLDWIDE has evolved to become one of Vietnam’s leading ad creators.

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