Enhance new product awareness and its unique features among young Malaysian consumers

The Objective

OPPO, a camera phone brand enjoyed by young people around the world, specializes in designing innovative mobile photography technology. In the spring of 2019, OPPO debuted the F11 Pro, a new device that can capture brilliant portraits even in low-light settings. OPPO has been seeking a way to create mass awareness and deep engagement for the new smartphone in Malaysia.

The Solution

TikTok users in Malaysia are young and full of energy, seeking every possible opportunity to showcase their creativity. Understanding this, OPPO decided to conduct its first branded campaign on TikTok - a Hashtag Challenge themed #LightUpF11Pro. 'Light Up' refers to the key selling point.

Aimed at young Malaysians, OPPO launched bilingual Branded Music in the Hashtag Challenge, offering prizes including a brand-new OPPO F11 Pro and cash. 2 celebrities and 2 influencers filmed official videos, illustrating a "take a photo" gesture dance that highlighted the powerful camera function of F11 Pro.

The Results

With such a uniquely designed and engaging campaign, OPPO successfully introduced F11 Pro to young consumers in Malaysia. The 6-day #LightUpF11Pro hashtag challenge received more than 6 million video views, over 7,000 user-published videos, and 326,000 likes during the campaign period.

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