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Driving awareness and preference for a new line of makeup in Vietnam

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The Objective

Maybelline New York is the number one global makeup brand and a popular choice among young Vietnamese women. Since its inception in 2017, Maybelline has been on a mission to empower women to express their own self-beauty by offering innovative, accessible and effortless cosmetics. In Vietnam, Maybelline sought to promote its hero brand of makeup, SuperStay, with its “We are unstoppable. We fear nothing” (Mấy bé Lì. Chẳng sợ gì) campaign. But to reach younger audiences, and convey how resilient and long-lasting SuperStay was, Maybelline looked to TikTok.

The Solution

On TikTok, Maybelline launched its #Maybeli Hashtag Challenge and the goal was to empower women with a viral campaign. Its secret weapon? The brand's very own music video and track titled "MẤY BÉ LÌ". Paired with a Branded Effect, Maybelline was able to convey its brand message through music and dance. But the overt way the Branded Effects communicated SuperStay's benefits was the clear and crucial hook for the challenge: the weather effect for instance showcased SuperStay's lasting power. Rain or shine, SuperStay makeup stays on your face without streaking or melting.

To kick off the campaign, Maybelline worked with popular TikTok creators. These creators could drum up excitement and share the initial set of campaign videos with their followers. Plus, the challenge itself was simple to participate in. Thanks to a lack of choreography constraints, TikTok users from all walks of life could take part. For added measure, Maybelline used what it calls a “Blasting” ad strategy to boost the #Maybeli campaign's visibility and impact. This meant running standard ad formats throughout TikTok including Brand Premium and One Day Max In-Feed Ads, along with Brand Takeover ads. The paid promotion was paired with a Banner spot and as a featured hashtag in TikTok's Discovery tab.

Through this campaign, Maybelline not only drove awareness and inspiration with its Hashtag Challenge, the brand also used retargeting and the power of influencers to usher audiences down the sales funnel. In fact by featuring multiple products, while conducting education, the brand also drove direct e-commerce sales.

The Result

#Maybeli's catchy track hooked users in Vietnam. On the back of a total of 75,000 videos submitted, #Maybeli reached a massive 19M TikTok users in Vietnam. To top it off, it generated 173M video views, while Ad Recall increased 31.34%. Favorability for the brand also rose by 8.04%, while preference increased by 141.26%. The brand even saw a massive boost in sales compared with the preceding three months. It drove 790% more sales of SuperStay products and a 32.4% lift in online sales year-over-year. With careful planning, Maybelline hit all the right notes on TikTok.

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