Stitching up a new audience for Madewell's denim jeans

The Objective

Madewell wanted to reach new audiences and knew that TikTok's positive and spirited community would be a great place to experiment. After gaining insight into our unique fashion audience and seeing the organic prevalence of Madewell's brand and products already on the platform (815,000 views for #Madewell), they decided to partner with us to test audience targeting strategies.

The Solution

Madewell tested how broad targeting (female) versus interest targeting (female + interested in beauty, apparel and travel) would impact traffic to site. They ran In-Feed Ads via TikTok Ads Manager, showing diverse female creators dancing in their snug denims—care-free, comfortable, with total freedom of movement. Madewell shot all creative on a camera phone to fit the style and tone of native TikToks on the For You Page.

The Results

While test results skewed in favor of interest targeting, Madewell's In-Feed Videos performed well with both groups, even after scaling spend across the campaign. The campaign outperformed benchmarks for cost per impression, clickthrough rate, cost per click, and average watch time per user.

Madewell found that narrowing audiences doesn't necessarily drive up costs for traffic campaigns—which means they can continue exploring interest targeting into the future to drive engagement at efficient spend.

Products Used
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