Lion Wild

Lion Wild

Growing online sales for an independent Aussie jewellery brand

The Objective

Lion Wild is an independent online jewellery store selling a range of sterling silver and 14K gold plated jewelry, based in Melbourne's sunny St Kilda beach. Founder Steph Johnson was seeking a cost-effective way to reach new customers and drive sales for her uniquely Aussie designs. She turned to TikTok to tap into its communities of fashion-forward and free-spirited consumers.

The Solution 

Lion Wild created a series of In-Feed Ads featuring various jewelry products targeted to different audiences to maximise traffic to their website. Creative was developed in a style popular among TikTok's fashion-forward communities, showing layering of accessories and reflecting the simple elegance and beachy, carefree aesthetic of the brand to capture the imagination of the "lion hearted and wild spirited" target consumer. 

The native placement appeared seamlessly within the feeds of potential customers, and the inclusion of a discount code featured prominently throughout each ad meant the brand was able to further drive clicks to the site, and ultimately, convert customers. The discount code also meant that sales driven by the campaign could be accurately attributed and measured. 

The Results

On a small initial budget, the campaign was able to drive considerable brand engagement, reaching a significant 19.35% conversion rate. The results were highly cost-effective, at just $0.13 CPC and $1.17 CPM. Steph said she "loved advertising with TikTok," adding that the dedicated support from the TikTok team throughout made the whole process "super easy."

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