KFC Germany

KFC Germany

Generating engagement and brand awareness for KFC in Germany.

The Objective 

For their second TikTok campaign in Germany, KFC came to us with a mission: to create a buzz around the brand at the same time as generating positive engagement with the German hip-hop community. Famous for its creative marketing campaigns, the leading fast food company held nothing back to help capture the imaginations of its customers.

The Solution

TikTok is made for dance challenges, so when KFC decided to run its very own Branded Hashtag Challenge, we knew it was going to be big. Using the hashtag #KFCMakeItLegendary, the brand’s campaign encouraged the entire TikTok Germany community to show off how they turn old school hip-hop moves into legendary ones.

Coupled with a Branded Effect, KFC played on a current trend – the split-screen – to further boost engagement with the challenge. An upbeat and unique custom track then brought the whole campaign to life, allowing users everywhere to get involved with their own takes on the challenge.

To get the community excited and raise the profile of the campaign, KFC worked with 21 creators to kick off the Hashtag Challenge, posting its own interpretations of #KFCMakeItLegendary. These videos were then released as In-Feed Ads, displaying in users’ For You feeds, boosting the challenge further. 

The Results

Thanks to its high cultural relevance and inherent TikTok style, the KFC campaign was a huge success, generating more than one billion video views in less than four weeks. The campaign also transformed the new @KFCDeutschland TikTok account into a viable platform for future campaigns – growing organically from 0 followers to 24,000 in just three days.

With more than 260,000 video creations and 90,000 creators in the first six days of activation, this campaign was incredibly well received by the TikTok Germany community, a fact only reinforced by the impressive 13.35% engagement rate.

A representative from KFC said, "We’re very proud of our success on TikTok. The first challenge #dothecolonel already went very well, but we topped that with the second campaign #KFCMakeItLegendary. It turned out that TikTok is the perfect platform to stay in contact with our fan community and to show people that KFC is both a legendary and entertaining, creative brand. We’re looking forward to the next activities."

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