Hyundai Australia

Hyundai Australia

Keeping cars and long drives front-of-mind with audiences stuck at home.

The Objective

Leading the charge in Automotive innovation and technology, Hyundai is among Australia's most popular car brands, defined by its commitment to creating a better, smarter and more sustainable future. In 2020, with much of the nation stuck at home under lockdown, Hyundai needed a way to stay close to customers, maintain awareness, create positive brand associations and remain relevant as an auto brand through a period where people couldn’t drive. 

The Solution 

To tap into conversations around isolation while audiences were under lockdown, Hyundai opted for a warmly reminiscent and tongue-in-cheek campaign depicting road trips while stuck at home. The campaign ran on an In-Feed Ads format, which mimics organic content by appearing seamlessly within the For You feed of target audiences. Using authentic, native-feeling creative to tell different stories and speak to different audiences, the campaign videos were a seamless fit for the fun, lighthearted and DIY-style videos popular on TikTok. In order to maximise impact by reaching those who missed taking trips the most, the ads were strategically targeted to a travel-interested audience. Videos also included a call to action, where viewers were encouraged to participate by creating their own videos using the hashtag #IsoTrips.

The Results

The humour and authenticity of the #IsoTrips campaign helped it to reach over 650,000 users among the target audiences, leading to over 1.8 million impressions. With a 0.88% clickthrough rate, the campaign achieved a CPC of less than $0.30 per click.  

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