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Generating engagement and brand awareness for Garnier and their new Fructis Hair Food shampoo range across France.

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250 M+
Video Views In 1 Month
109 K+
Videos Created In 1 Month
+27.5 %
Ad Recall

The Objective 

When preparing to launch their planet-friendly range of vegan hair care products, Garnier knew they’d need to generate some excitement around their shampoos and their associated benefits. And when it comes to inspiring fun, creative moments amongst Gen Z and Millennials, they knew TikTok was the perfect platform to turn to.

The Solution 

Garnier decided to run a Branded Hashtag Challenge called #FructisHairFoodChallenge to spark a viral moment around their new products, while calling on all users to show their own “before and after” transformations from using Hair Food.

Garnier’s challenge incorporated a 2D Branded Effect featuring a Hair Food shampoo bottle on the screen which users could employ as a transition, showing their hair and outfits before and after to highlight the benefits of Hair Food. The concept was a great way to showcase the mutual brand values of TikTok and Garnier: playful, fun and creative. Plus, by working alongside some of TikTok’s top Creators, such as @enzotaistoi, @william_e and @julieferrat, the campaign reached even more users across the platform, encouraging even more engagement.

To further boost awareness and participation around the challenge, Garnier also ran a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, as well as a TopView Lite. Both displayed to users immediately either upon app opening or as the first ad in their For You feeds, these ads served as great message reinforcement to young people across France.

The best user videos were then compiled to create a mash-up video promoted using Brand Premium In-Feed Ads.

The Results 

The Garnier Hashtag Challenge highlighted users' love for Hair Food products and spurred a lot of positive conversations around the brand. More than 250 million video views were recorded during the first month of the campaign, with an incredible 109,000+ videos created by over 48,000 TikTok users (of which 2,320 videos using the 2D branded effect). The Nielsen brand lift study also provided impressive results of +18% awareness and +27.5% ad recall, proving the effectiveness of the campaign.

Featuring a creator in their ads proved to be successful as all the formats recorded CTRs above benchmarks (their Top View Lite got an astonishing 20.50% CTR which is the highest CTR recorded for a beauty brand in France).

Garnier’s mashup featuring the best videos of the challenge helped boost the challenge by 3,000 additional videos created and 31+ million video views.

As well as in-app performance, the challenge also produced a measurable uplift in product purchases. Despite not being a product-centered challenge (i.e. users did not need to have the products to participate in the challenge) many users actually used or bought the products to show them in the videos.

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