Launching a new range of products with a barrier-breaking campaign

The Objectives

Brazilian hair care company Embelleze is known nationally and internationally for transforming the lives of women from all ethnicities, with different lifestyles and needs, through its wide range of products. Embelleze's leading hair treatment brand, Novex, is popular in more than 40 countries worldwide.

To launch Novex’s new product range and drive brand consideration, Embelleze turned to TikTok to optimally leverage the growing and diverse female audience on the platform, and communicate with them in an authentic and positive manner.

The Solutions

In order to drive visibility and brand consideration at scale, TikTok’s highly impactful Topview solution provides massive reach in a first-screen format which is exclusively yours for the day. Embelleze leveraged this opportunity beautifully by giving users an immersive, sound on experience right when they opened the app.

They captured users' attention with the help of Brazilian musician Jojo Toddynho, who communicated the brand's values of inclusivity and female empowerment with the jingle "Deixe que digam que falem, deixa isso para lá, vem pra cá o que é que tem"v(Let them say / Let them think, let them talk / Let it go / Come here / What's wrong). The campaign was considered barrier-breaking and Embelleze was widely recognized for truly standing for its brand values by featuring a black female performer in the commercial. A “Learn more” CTA drew users to the campaign's landing page for detailed descriptions of each new product launched.

The Results

The Embelleze campaign exceeded multiple benchmarks with a 1,400% uptake in website traffic compared to the previous month. The Topview achieved over 51 million impressions, with an engagement rate of 21.2% due to the captivating creative and immersive nature of the platform. The campaign also led to an incredible and well above the benchmark time spent per user of 21.6 seconds out out of the 30-second ad.

Products Used
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“The strength of the platform is the receptive audience, which embraces authentic and positive communication, driving real business results.”
Cristina Dantas, Communication Manager