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Helping Durex banish excuses for unprotected sex around World AIDS Day with an 18+ campaign on TikTok.

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16.6 M+
Total Impressions
1.6 M+
Total Clicks
205 K+

The Objective

For World AIDS Day 2020, Durex ran a campaign urging everyone to ‘not go back to normal’ – where unprotected and uncomfortable sex was the reality. Especially around World AIDS Day, it was time to stop excuses and raise awareness on the relevance of using condoms. To spread their important message to a German audience, Durex came to TikTok for a fun and informative activation that targeted 18+ Gen Zers across the country.

The Solution

To spread its message as wide as possible, Durex chose to deploy multiple age restricted ad solutions on TikTok, including TopView 18+, In-Feed Brand Premium, and In-Feed Auction Ads.

In the run up to World AIDS Day and in the days following, Durex engaged with popular creators to help drive awareness and add an authentic boost to the campaign. Creator videos covered important topics such as condom myth-busting, education on STIs and importance of using condoms, as well as product navigation. @eyfreundin, @onkelbanjou, and @flyingbengel all got involved in the campaign to great effect, producing entertaining yet informative content to support the Durex activation.

At the end of each video, a call-to-action either drove users to the #LetsNotGoBackToNormal campaign page, or directed users to an Amazon page where the Durex range could be explored.

And in a first for TikTok Germany, the 18+ ads targeted a highly specific audience with the brand’s campaign, ensuring content was appropriate for all users.

The Results

Thanks to TikTok’s age-restriction abilities, Durex was able to target the ideal audience with the campaign, maximising exposure to a user group of its choice.

Running for three weeks around World AIDS Day, the Durex campaign generated some amazing results. More than 16.6 million impressions were recorded across each video, with 1.6 million clicks driving to the campaign page or the shoppable Amazon page.

Engagement was also high, coming in at 15.6% for the TopView 18+. Coupled with more than 205,000 likes, it's clear to see that the Durex message resonated very strongly with the TikTok Germany community.

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