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Promoting the Doritos Truth or Dare game to a young Dutch audience.

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5 M+
22 %+
Engagement Rate
4.7 M+
Video Views

The Objective 

Doritos is one of the world’s most recognisable snack brands, providing tasty tortilla chips since its founding in 1964. To help spread awareness of the brand and its new Truth or Dare game across the Netherlands, Doritos came to TikTok to kick-start their irresistible campaign.

The Solution 

Adding a fun and entertaining twist to the popular Google Assistant phone app, Doritos Truth or Dare works exactly as it sounds: offering players a series of questions based on voice assistance, often with hilarious results. And to make the biggest impact with their new creation, Doritos turned to TikTok and our premium placement – TopView.

TopView ads are the first video a user sees when opening the app, before merging into the first video of the feed. They offer the largest possible canvas, occupying the whole screen for up to a minute, and allow brands to deliver the purest expression of their creativity.

Doritos chose to work with popular creator @saarbabyy to produce an authentic-feeling ad that showed exactly what the game was all about. In a hilarious clip, the ad takes users through the various truth or dare scenarios of the game – ending in an outrageous dare to eat a spoonful of mayonnaise. A call to action then directs users to the Doritos Netherlands page.

The Results

In only one day, the Doritos TopView delivered over 5 million impressions, 4.7 million video views, and 1 million clicks.

The CTR was also very positive, achieving over 20% – well above the platform benchmarks. When combined with an engagement rate of more than 22%, it’s easy to see the benefit of collaborating with a TikTok Creator, who thanks to their recognition, can boost interest and intention to comment, share or like a video.

The Doritos TikTok account also benefited from the campaign, receiving over 7K new followers which will serve as an excellent foundation for future campaigns.

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