Helping BOSS spread Christmas cheer to a young global audience with the launch of their latest collection

The Objective

Legendary fashion house BOSS teamed up with celebrated illustrator Justin Teodoro for a special Christmas collection inspired by the New York artist’s work. To help launch its latest collection to a young audience, the brand came to TikTok for a global Branded Hashtag Challenge that would not only spread awareness, but some much needed Christmas cheer, too.

The Solution

#MerryBOSSmas was a TikTok Branded Hashtag Challenge with a difference. By engaging with popular creators from markets all across the world, this global campaign saw engagement from a huge proportion of our community in a fun and entertaining festive package.

BOSS created a Branded Effect to accompany the challenge, which featured stars, hearts and other graphic elements from the artist collection. Users were then encouraged to slip into the role of a mannequin and show off their favourite festive looks while throwing up the heart symbol with their hands to trigger the different elements of the effect.

To support the challenge, TopView and One Day Max In-Feed Ads were produced using creators’ videos, showing users exactly how the challenge worked and promoting participation to their followers and beyond. Stephen & Allison Boss, Brittany Xavier, Bryanboy and Leonie Hanne were just some of the big-name TikTok creators who got involved, helping to spread the campaign and its festive message even further.

A "BOSS" song performed by LODEF ft. Fleur East was specially produced for the challenge, adding to the exclusive and native feel of the campaign.

The Results

Running throughout December 2020, the #MerryBOSSmas Hashtag Challenge produced some incredible results. Launching in four countries across the world – Germany, UK, US and Canada – the campaign received almost three billion video views, and close to one million video creations from 319,000 creators. And to top it all off, a brand lift study showed an impressive 11.8% ad recall.

For BOSS and for TikTok, this campaign performed beyond all expectations, surpassing market averages and providing unprecedented levels of targeted Gen Z exposure for the BOSS brand and its latest collection.

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