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Amazon Prime Video Italy

Amazon Prime Video Italy Boosting awareness for Amazon Prime Video and creating Christmas spirit amongst the Italian TikTok community.


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Engagement rate

The Objective

Amazon Prime Video is one of the world’s biggest internet-based video on demand (VOD) services. For Christmas 2020, the brand decided to target younger viewers in Italy with a light-hearted take on one of the most unusual years in recent memory. Looking at the festive period through a new lens of humour, Amazon Prime Video came to TikTok to spread moments of much-needed joy through some of our most effective platforms.

The Solution

In 2020, one thing that almost everyone had in common was a Christmas that didn’t go to plan. Capitalising on the funny side of a festive period spent differently, Amazon Prime Video launched #XmasVsReality – a Hashtag Challenge calling on users to show the gap between their ideal Christmas, and what was possible in 2020.Pairing up with some of Italy’s most popular influencers, including Mattebise, kessyemely, martinisisters, helloitsleti, annaroseciati, and Ayo, Amazon Prime Video launched a series of TikToks packed with festive spirit and humour, encouraging users across the community to get involved.Using TikTok’s TopView, and both One Day Max In-Feed Ads and In-Feed Brand Premium Ads, Amazon Prime Video drove their campaign directly into users’ For You feeds – sound-on and full screen for maximum effect. A call to action then directed the community to explore other user-generated content on the challenge page.

The Results

Running from 19 - 24 December, the Amazon Prime Video campaign generated some truly humorous and impressive results amongst the Italian TikTok community. The TopView generated an engagement rate of 17.04% alongside a click-through rate of 16.24%, while the two In-Feed Ads also performed very well, producing high click-through and engagement rates well above benchmarks.

Products used
In-Feed Ads
Authentic vertical video format that appears naturally in the For You feed between the organic content produced by TikTok creators.
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Branded Hashtag Challenge
One-of-a-kind engagement format that taps into the community's passion for creation and expression by inviting users to generate authentic content under a branded hashtag.
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