TikTok promotes Fine Guard with Mama Fine in the house!


TikTok promotes Fine Guard with Mama Fine in the house!

July 26, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

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“In a world filled with negative news and fear about the pandemic, we chose to create content that will put a smile on our consumers' faces and establish our benefits through catchy lyrics” Hande Hitay – Global Category Head Fine Hygienic Holding

Fine Guard is Fine’s range of innovative sanitizing products that cover hand sanitization, fabrics and garments, surfaces, and much more. The product line boosts long lasting protection and a list of unique benefits.

What was the challenge?

Not many people are aware of the products or their benefits. And to be fair, it’s a low involvement category, so who could blame them? Our task was clear. We needed young moms on TikTok to listen, and we needed them to care. 


Two independent insights drove our thinking. A platform insight; people come to TikTok for joy and entertainment, and a consumer (young moms) insight; moms don’t take advice from brands, they take them from other moms. So building on those two insights, we created a character. The “other mom” they take their advice from. We called her Mama Fine. She’s a bit older, experienced, sassy, cool, and modern (in her own way). And we decided she’s going to deliver the message in rap songs.

We created a gangster rapping mom.

In the infamous words of Mama Fine: "Mic drop...3al ard" boom.

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