TikTok ranked most innovative advertiser among marketers globally by Kantar


TikTok ranked most innovative advertiser among marketers globally by Kantar

September 6, 2022

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TikTok gives brands the most creative ways to engage with their audience, and we've changed how audiences consume entertainment. And for the third year in a row, marketers say TikTok is the most innovative global media brand. But it doesn't stop there — while TikTok was ranked the most innovative, we were also the only global media brand to show an increase in trust among marketers.

Why does this matter? Marketers are warming up to TikTok more and more, with trust building up in an environment where the trend is negative. Ads on TikTok are more entertaining, drawing in huge audiences that are giving their full attention to content on our platform. And as a result of more balanced trust and innovation, there's been a big increase in marketer preference for TikTok.

What was the study?

Media Reactions isKantar'sglobal ad equity ranking of media channels and media brands. Last year,TikTok ranked #1globally for ad equity, besting over 290 peers.Kantaris a badgedTikTok Measurement Partner.

Ad equity measures attitudes that consumers have toward the ad experience on different media platforms. Higher ad equity drives more impactful campaign results for brands.

This year's Media Reactions report gives insight from over 18,100 consumer and 900 senior marketer interviews covering nearly 400 brands in 29 markets.

Audiences continue to say ads on TikTok are the most fun & entertaining

We've reimagined entertainment, and people agree. This is because of our content superpower: connecting people through culture, discovery and community.

The study found that we ranked #2 in ad equity, which speaks to the value our ads have to audiences. For the past three years we have ranked at or near the top of the list for ad equity because we deliver branded content that actually resonates with online consumers. And, combined with innovation, the fact that our ads are fun and entertaining allows us to establish ourselves as an industry leader for reaching audiences in exciting new ways, especially as the advertising landscape continues to evolve.

We were the only brand to have an increase in trust among marketers. 

A key finding from the study compared to last year was that marketer trust in our platform rose, while also maintaining the same perception of innovation.

This is significant because while marketer trust increased for TikTok, it decreased across the board for other media brands. As we adapt to a changing media landscape, we'll continue to build trust with marketers with our dedicated trust & safety team. Through furtherbrand safety initiativesand campaigns, we're committed to ensuring an advertising experience that you not only can trust, but also drives actionable results for your brand.

The creator economy is innovating the (advertising) game

Creators are part of a winning online media strategy, and the best place to partner with them is on TikTok. On our platform, creators are a key ingredient to the secret sauce of unlocking a supercharged TikTok strategy.


Working with creators puts your brand in front of new audiences to create genuine connections with consumers. Partner with them (ourCreator Marketplaceis a great place to start!) to amplify your content and reach audiences in ways that only happen on TikTok.

It's time to innovate and elevate

TikTok ranks #1 in the world for innovation because of our creative, authentic and community-focused platform. It gives businesses the power to build unique ad experiences, and offers audiences the chance to consume fun and entertaining content. Combined with our high ranking in ad equity for the third year in a row, TikTok is undeniably the place to be.


We're proud to receive continued validation of our platform on a global scale and we encourage all brands to join us as we connect with audiences through inspiration, joy and creativity. There are still big opportunities ahead for advertisers on TikTok as the media landscape evolves, and we're inviting everyone along for the ride. We've reimagined entertainment, and have attracted a very large audience that's adapted to this shift. And it's time for your ads to adapt, too.

We're just getting started, and there's more than enough room for your brand to be a part of the journey. Are you in?


Download more information on TikTok's Media Reactions results here:

Source: All data and research sourced from Kantar Media Reactions 2022

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