TikTok for Business helps reinvigorate the UAE’s tourism with World’s Coolest Winter Campaign


TikTok for Business helps reinvigorate the UAE’s tourism with World’s Coolest Winter Campaign

July 26, 2021

TikTok For Business, Editorial Team

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The World’s Coolest Winter, meant to promote local tourism in the UAE, presents positive results with over 70 million views to date on TikTok!

 Last year the pandemic restricted people from international travel. UAE Government Media office, alongside TikTok for Business, launched The World’s Coolest Winter campaign to promote local tourism in the UAE and encourage people to discover hidden gems across the Seven Emirates and share their discoveries with the world.

The Seven Emirates

TikTok users across the UAE were encouraged to share their videos showcasing their best adventures and discoveries with the campaign’s hashtag and song, which soon became iconic. The campaign was launched for six days through a ‘hashtag challenge’, driving users to the page where they could start shooting their TikToks. The campaign also included the hand gesture ‘The 7’ that represents the number seven in Arabic, and in turn symbolises the Seven Emirates. The campaign was kicked off with the top 20 creators in the UAE sharing their videos.

What is more, TikTok for Business also launched auction in-feed ads, driving traffic to a dedicated website that displayed the most unique content. The website also had call-to-action buttons embedded within, which redirected users to the hashtag challenge page.

So how did the campaign perform?

After its start on TikTok, the campaign was a major success with:

👀 70 million+ views to date

👫 8,700+ user-generated videos tagged with #WorldsCoolestWinter

📅 13.5 million views in just six days.

Through interactive content, TikTok for Business helped invigorate the UAE’s tourism sector that not only engaged the audiences but also gave them the wonderful opportunity to discover new things in the place they call home.

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