Small Business Marketing on TikTok: The Ultimate How-to Guide

Everything small and medium-sized businesses need to know about building a strong organic and paid marketing strategy on TikTok.
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If you're running a business and want to grow your audience, you've come to the right place. With its hyper-engaged community of shoppers, trendsetters and word-of-mouth advocates, TikTok is the perfect place to reach new customers and grow your business. There's something here for the whole family—whether you're looking to reach Gen Z, Millennials, parents or grandparents, every generation has flocked here to join the fun—and countless subcultures gather here to share their latest discoveries.

Organic + Paid = Always Engaged

An always-engaged approach is the winning formula for businesses who want to grow their TikTok presence. It helps ensure you're always staying dynamic and connected to our community that's constantly discovering and participating in trends.

What do we mean by always-engaged? It's what we call a combination of organic posts and paid campaigns, supplemented with something unique to TikTok—partnerships with creators. With these three key components in the mix, you'll supercharge your campaigns and get the most out of your marketing spend.

There are a million ways to tell your story on TikTok and there are no limits to the amount of organic content businesses can post. Experiment with different ways to tell your brand's story, then access performance analytics at your fingertips through your TikTok Business Account.

Organic content analytics will help you understand what’s resonating well with audiences. You can then use those insights strategically to inform your paid campaigns. Paid campaigns provide businesses with in-depth metrics to amplify that success and dig deeper into why.

2. Creators are the best storytellers

TikTok creators are natural storytellers and brand advocates, and the TikTok community trusts the opinions of their peers. You can find the right creator for your budget or campaign in the TikTok Creator Marketplace, or transform organic content from creators into paid advertising using Spark Ads. Or you can engage directly with the community through organic content and encourage them to post their own videos around a given theme.

Thai skincare brand BM Collagen did exactly that: in a crowded market that relies on personal recommendations, the brand launched a paid campaign that revolved around the idea of authentic and personal video creative. To achieve this narrative, the brand encouraged followers to take videos of themselves opening and using BM Collagen’s beauty supplements. This gave users a personal stake in the brand and created memorable experiences worthy of being passed from consumer to consumer. The brand then leveraged these organic assets in their paid campaign, which generated incredible results: a 200% increase in sales and 5 million impressions.

3. Grow your reach with paid

TikTok’s reach is global, which means a huge potential audience for your business to capture followers, fans and customers. Amplifying your content with paid allows your campaign to extend to even more new audiences. Then, leverage our targeting tools to ensure you’re amplifying to the right audience. We understand that with some small to mid-size businesses, it is not just about reach, but reaching the right audience, our tools allow you to target and convert audiences into customers.

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Flexible strategies for your business goals

It all starts with a TikTok Business Account. Not sure what to post? Try browsing top-performing content in the dedicated Business Creative Hub for inspiration.

Continue to follow these simple principles to set and refine a strategy that works with your business. Use an always-engaged drumbeat of organic content to test and learn, and continuously fine-tune your approach based on what performs best. From there, you can choose where to invest in paid peaks to attract new users to your profile page, build up your fan base, direct customers to your website, and increase your views. Consider amplifying with paid during key commerce moments, such as holidaysback-to-school sales, and Valentine's Day, where shopping and services are top of mind for customers. And build your word-of-mouth awareness and brand love throughout by partnering with TikTok creators.

"We create a bunch of content, push it out on organic, and then quickly put paid spend behind that. I'll basically just boost it so it gets in front of more eyeballs, and from there, will run conversion campaigns based on that engagement."

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