Fuel your TikTok campaign measurement with flexible attribution windows


Fuel your TikTok campaign measurement with flexible attribution windows

June 23, 2022

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Marketers use attribution to understand the actions that users take after an ad is clicked or viewed over a certain period of time. For advertisers, the attribution window is the number of days between when a person viewed or clicked your ad and subsequently took action, where a conversion is reported in TikTok Ads Manager.

Different brands and businesses have different conversion objectives to measure success in terms of sales and customer engagement. For example, a major brand marketer may look at views and immediate clicks as key campaign indicators when building brand awareness, while an auto brand might expect a longer consideration cycle from a prospective customer.

Flexible attribution windows are important for businesses since they have different customer conversion journeys, along with different marketing goals and strategies for optimizing their campaigns. Different attribution windows can help marketers optimize toward better campaign performance.

Introducing flexible time windows with TikTok Attribution Manager

To give this flexibility to TikTok marketers, we're happy to introduce TikTok Attribution Manager, which enables customizable attribution windows on TikTok Ads Manager. For web and app campaigns, TikTok Attribution Manager enables marketers to select a specific time period to measure success: the click-through attribution (CTA) window can range from one day to 28 days, while view-through attribution (VTA) window options range from off to up to seven days.

Within Attribution Manager, TikTok Pixel and Web Event API advertisers will be defaulted to 7-day click and 1-day view. This means that for ad clicks, users have 7 days to convert in order for it to be shown in TikTok Ads Manager; similarly, for views, users have 24 hours to convert from the time when the ad is viewed.

However, advertisers are different based on their business and advertising goals, so the following options are available:

  • 👉 Click-through (CTA): 1, 7, 14, 28 day
  • 👉 View-through (VTA): off, 1 and 7 day

On TikTok Ads Manager, you can find Attribution Manager under the Assets menu.

Getting the most from attribution windows

When choosing the best attribution window for your campaigns, consider the nature of the product or services you're promoting, and the primary actions you want to trigger.

  • 👉 For a retail brand running a seasonal sales promotion campaign, a 7-day click and 1-day view attribution window might make sense by allowing time for customer consideration to take place before converting.
  • 👉 For higher-involvement products or services where the customer may need more time to research before converting, it is important to review your attribution windows. If your conversion journey takes some time, we highly recommend extending your attribution windows beyond 7 days for click-through conversions and beyond 1 day for view-through conversions, in order to gain a more in-depth view of your campaign's effectiveness and customer actions over time.


Attribution Manager will be available for advertisers who run web campaigns using the TikTok Pixel or Events API.For app promotion campaigns, Attribution Manager will be enabled when TikTok Ads Manager moves to a self-attributing model. Learn more about self-attribution in an upcoming blog, or reach out to your sales rep for more information.

Get started with Attribution Manager now

Use these newly-launched attribution setting on TikTok Ads Manager to measure your campaign performance and grow your business on TikTok. Check out the Help Center for more details, best practice and features, or reach out to your sales rep to learn more about attribution.

Stay tuned as we roll out more future-proofing features in Attribution Manager. All offerings on Attribution Manager will be available as TikTok Ads Manager transits into a self-attribution network.

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