A new world of insights for brands and advertisers


A new world of insights for brands and advertisers

May 15, 2020


Welcome to the TikTok Ads Blog - a new world of insights for brands & advertisers!

This will be your place to discover all the exciting ways TikTok can help your business make an impact.

The TikTok community is built around inspiring creativity and bringing joy through short-form mobile video. We are thrilled to give brands the opportunity to connect with our millions of users by embracing the native, natural, and creative content on TikTok.

TikTok isn't just another app, it's a unique platform that will let you find and express your brand’s own voice, while also giving users the chance to become powerful brand ambassadors. Content on our platform is fun and authentic and enables almost any genre or subject to get the attention it deserves. Being an early adopter on TikTok also allows for testing different ideas, which are often rewarded with engagement and awareness not found on other platforms.

Already, some of the world’s leading brands have embraced TikTok as a creative playground for connecting with new audiences and building their business. These are brands that are constantly looking for new ways to speak to fresh and engaged global audiences. In doing so, they are reaching today’s generation with immersive, creative, and authentic video content. Check out 3 reasons why TikTok is the perfect playground for your brand's creativity.

We’ve been encouraged by the incredible creativity coming from brands on TikTok. Hundreds of brands have already registered official accounts on TikTok, posting thousands of short-form videos and counting. The most successful of these "early adopter" brands are finding creative ways to join the vibrant conversation and positive experiences that TikTok users are already having on our platform.

Check back here regularly for the latest from TikTok Ads, as well as tons of best practices, deep dives into our innovative signature ad formats, how-to guides, and case studies to help you create the most fun and authentic content for connecting with your customers and fans. We also know brands have special considerations, like measurability and brand safety to keep in mind. We’ll discuss all of that and more in upcoming posts on the TikTok Ads Blog.

Whether you already have experienced TikTok creators on your team or you're just getting your feet wet, the posts here will help you bring your best work to life on our platform. We look forward to partnering together to inspire creativity and bring joy to the TikTok community.

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