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The leading Indian social platform for daily life
Helo is India's leading social media platform made for global desis. Our mission is to bring Indian users from all around the world together to create and share stories.
Helo Helo Helo
Helo Helo Helo Helo
Regional Leader
One of India's top downloaded apps
on Google Play in 2018
India local languages
talented local creators
Helo Helo Helo
TikTok For Business
A seamless social experience
A multi-format platform where users create and share content from the latest trends, status updates, quotes, shayari or Bollywood news and more.
Discover the hottest topics in local languages
Bringing everyone together by allowing users to share viral content, celebrity news and trending topics in 14 local Indian languages.
Reaching Indians Worldwide
Helo connects Indian communities beyond India itself, reaching the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, and many more.
Connect with Indians on their own terms
Reach a young and educated fan base
Grab the attention of young and highly-educated Indians primarily based in top tier cities.
Get closer to a local audience
Bridge the gap between global and local by connecting with users in their mother tongue.
Be part of the trends that matter
Brands can leverage Helo's 1500+ official accounts, celebrities and influencers to generate buzz and tap into the latest trends.
Grow your business on Helo
TikTok For Business
TikTok For Business
TikTokAds Ad Format
Brand Takeover
Increase your brand awareness and create a lasting impression with a full-screen display on the APP launch screen.
  • Be the first display and user interaction option when opening the app
  • 100% SOV on splash screen
  • 3 second long JPG or 3-5 second long video
  • External landing page supported