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Unpack your impact on TikTok
Understand the performance and efficacy of your campaign with measurement solutions to support your marketing goals.
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Why use our measurement solutions?
Be safe and seen on TikTok
Ensure your ads are being seen by real people in fraud-free environments.
Build performance for your campaigns
Analyze the impact of your campaign and optimize performance with data-driven insights.
Measure the impact of your investments
Understand the value of your ads on TikTok and unpack the impact of different media investments.
Discover our measurement solutions
Brand Safety
Tools to ensure ads are seen adjacent to content deemed suitable by industry standards.
Viewability & Invalid Traffic video
Viewability & Invalid Traffic
Solutions to verify that ads are being seen by real people in a safe, fraud-free environment.
Web & App Attribution video
Web & App Attribution
Monitor and measure web and app conversions from your TikTok campaigns.
Brand Lift Study video
Brand Lift Study
Get insights into your audience’s reactions to your ads with this survey-based solution.
TikTok Pixel video
TikTok Pixel
Power up your campaigns by measuring the business outcomes on your website that matter most to you.
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