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Turn entertainment into shoppable experiences
Let your audience discover and shop your products right from TikTok—helping your business become the next big thing on #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt.
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Why use our commerce solutions?
Become part of #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt
Here, you can join, shape and create conversations that power a new type of word-of-mouth. TikTok is home to a shopping culture driven by community recommendations for products, recipes, events and more.
Create alongside users
On TikTok, you don’t have to tell people to buy your products. You can show them why they should with our unique storytelling elements.
Fuel product discovery
The For You page is a content and audience matchmaker, showing users the things we’re confident they’ll find interesting and engaging.
Make it even easier to shop
With TikTok Shopping solutions, your audience can purchase your products right from your profile, your videos, and your LIVE—letting them explore, discover and buy, all in one place.
Discover our commerce solutions
TikTok Shopping*
Create a shopping experience on TikTok with a suite of solutions designed to drive action like Product Links and LIVE Shopping, starting with a shopping tab on your profile that links straight to checkout. *Available in select markets
Product Links*
Make your videos shoppable with a TikTok Shopping feature that adds a link into organic content and drives viewers to a checkout page of the featured product. *Available in select markets
LIVE Shopping*
Show off products in real-time during a TikTok LIVE and highlight the path to purchase as part of your TikTok Shopping experience. *Available in select markets
Dynamic Showcase Ads
Tap into your audience’s interests based on their TikTok activity with easily generated video ads.
Collection Ads
Create a carousel of product cards in your In-Feed Ads featuring your top items. When a user taps, they’ll be brought to a bigger, more expansive gallery to browse.
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