Yves Rocher Italia

Yves Rocher Italia

Boosting overall brand awareness in Italy among a Gen Z and Millennial audience.

The Objective

Yves Rocher is a plant-based cosmetics company focused on sustainable, botanical beauty products made accessible to all women. You could argue that promoting ‘natural beauty’ sits at the very heart of its mission. With this in mind, Yves Rocher Italia sought to reach beauty-conscious millennials and Gen Z’ers on TikTok in Italy to spread the word and increase its brand awareness.

The Solution

Yves Rocher Italia used video In-Feed Ads to bring its vision to a new audience of beauty-conscious millennial and Gen Z women – generations passionate about sustainability, acceptance and changing perceptions around appearance.

It launched a campaign that celebrated imperfection, its tagline being, “Imperfezioni K.O! Scelgo la Natura” or “Imperfections K.O! I choose natural” in English. The idea was to describe imperfections in a positive light - that these things are what make you...you.

To land the message, its In-Feed Ad used a video of a popular beauty influencer to showcase this attitude through boxing - ‘K.O.-ing’ the campaign line. An upbeat soundtrack and voiceover delivered the campaign’s key takeaway, with clear product placement at the start, middle and end of the visuals, as well as underneath the video in a split-screen format too.

Barbara Archinà, Communications Manager at Yves Rocher said, “Yves Rocher Italia was extremely satisfied to have worked with TikTok, achieving excellent results not only in quantitative terms, but also in terms of quality and values. It allowed us to convey a positive concept for young people, using their own word and their language.”

The Results

The stats show Yves Rocher Italia successfully increased brand awareness within Gen Z on TikTok, above and beyond expectations. The In-Feed Ads drove a CTR of 1.51% - well above the benchmark, driving quality traffic to the brand’s landing page. It also achieved an engagement rate of 4.40%, showing that Gen Z resonated with the message, and stayed for longer to absorb it.

This is no mean feat if you consider the average scrolling attention span of Gen Z is just three seconds. This was a message about imperfections, portrayed perfectly.

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