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Helping Yves Saint Laurent Beauty build brand awareness and promote its Black Opium fragrance in the lead up to Valentine’s Day

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The Objective 

As one of the world’s leading beauty brands, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté asserts itself as a collection of icons, with each creation driven by boldness, youth and the avant-garde. To build brand awareness and promote its popular Black Opium fragrance to the Gen Z community across the Netherlands, YSL Beauty came to TikTok for a seriously young and edgy creator campaign. 

The Solution 

When you’re trying to reach a particular group, auction In-Feed Ads are easy to set up and offer a lot of flexibility. By allowing you to control the costs of your campaign through TikTok Ads Manager, auction ads mean brands can reach the right audiences for the most efficient spend. And what’s more, all you have to do is choose your targets, then let the platform’s algorithm find the best way to reach the campaign’s goal. 

To reach a broad audience in the Netherlands market, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté chose to partner with popular creators to generate content that not only screamed that young, edgy image of the brand, but felt totally authentic and truly native. Sound-on and full-screen, the brand’s 3 “Love at first spray” In-Feed Ads saw creators transformed from everyday wear into a Valentine’s date night outfit, finished off with a spritz of Yves Saint Laurent Beauté’s Black Opium. At the end of each ad, a “shop now” call to action drove users to a Yves Saint Laurent Beauté landing page where Black Opium—and the rest of its beauty range—could be explored. 

The Results 

Yves Saint Laurent Beauté created three ads with creators from the Netherlands, and reached close to 10 million young people across the country with their authentic and stylish videos that were completely in line with the trendy content of the platform—all while fulfilling the brand’s campaign budget in the most efficient way possible.

Impressive video views totalling 8.8 million, coupled with almost 56,000 clicks, shows that the Netherlands TikTok community had a strong interest in the content. The CPM was also very efficient, coming in at 1.43€, driving thousands of users to the Yves Saint Laurent Beauty landing page. 

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