World Vision

World Vision

Raising widespread awareness for World Vision’s child sponsorship work around the world, with a new generation in Germany.

The Objective

World Vision is an international humanitarian, aid, development and advocacy organisation dedicated to helping children and families overcome poverty and injustice. Child sponsorship is at the heart of what they do, giving children a brighter future with projects helping in different areas such as: access to clean drinking water, healthy nutrition, medical care, education, child protection and disaster preparedness.

World Vision’s objective is to establish sustainable improvement in the lives of children, which is only possible if the child's environment is changed. The World Vision sponsorship is therefore not limited to only supporting the child, but the child's family and region also play a critical role.

With its first ever campaign on TikTok, World Vision aimed to raise mass awareness for its child sponsor programme and the great work it does around the world, with a new generation in Germany.

The Solution

Online communities, where people join together to become a force for good, often play a pivotal role in moments of change – and TikTok was the perfect arena for World Vision to reach this new, younger generation of do-gooders. To achieve its goal, World Vision ran a Branded Hashtag Challenge, one of TikTok’s most popular ad formats for reaching millions and generating unmissable engagement. Launching #DanceForFuture, World Vision asked users to submit their own dance video, set to a bespoke music track.

Highly-discoverable and engaging, Branded Hashtag Challenges are set up for massive reach. Pooling user entries onto one, central challenge page, alongside an external link and description, they invite the community to share in a truly viral moment of creativity, with a spot in TikTok’s trending hashtag list. As part of the package, brands receive additional ads to push users towards the challenge, with World Vision running four One Day Max In-Feed Ads.

World Vision used six popular German Creators (from Vanessa Mai to Rebecca Mir) to kickstart the campaign, tapping into millions of existing followers and providing inspiration to the community. The soundtrack mashed up three well-known songs, giving users a way to max-out their creativity and show off their vibe.

The Results

The campaign was a huge hit, smashing its benchmarks with over 800 million video views and 200 thousand user generated videos. With an engagement rate of 10.5%, it’s safe to say the community turned up for the challenge, bringing together a new generation of young minds as a force for good.

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