Driving sales for a young brand looking to inspire young people.

The Objective

Wordans, a wholesale online clothing store in the U.S., wanted to drive more sales to its growing e-commerce business. With younger customers already being attracted to the e-commerce site for its great deals on clothing, Wordans realized that TikTok’s audience fits neatly into the brand's target demographic. And being an SMB wasn’t going to stop it from launching a TikTok campaign that ultimately sought to increase sales.

The Solution

Knowing that a TikTok campaign was high priority, Wordans came into the campaign prepared. They wanted to reach their target audience but within budget. So Wordans turned to the TikTok Creator Marketplace to find two Creators that they could collaborate with to promote the brand.

Going into the campaign, Wordans knew who its target audience was. They also knew to tap into the underappreciated power of “micro-influencers" - Creators with fewer followers, but a higher rate of engagement. For Wordans, Creators that average 20K views per video offered the right balance between budget and reach. 

With this benchmark in hand, Wordans used the TikTok Creator Marketplace to quickly and easily reach out to their wish list of candidates and share a brief of the campaign goals. In this case, Creators would need to convey Wordans' competitive price, fast shipping and option to buy in bulk. But the Creators had the flexibility of determining the creative direction. In return for the sponsorship, the Creators could keep the product, and as a bonus, offer a 5% off promo code to their followers.

The Result

With 119,500 views and a total of 5,000 likes across the two Creators’ videos, Wordans was blown away by the results, leading them to reinvest multiple times on the TikTok Creator Marketplace. It wasn't just the increase in brand exposure and traffic that Wordans was excited about. It was the fact that a single Creator campaign help helped the brand reach its revenue goals and grow its customer database. Although it is a young e-commerce site, Wordans took full advantage of the TikTok Creator Marketplace to not only drive brand awareness but also generate sales at scale.

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