Driving app installations through an always-on UCG campaign.

The Objective

WeMoney is a personal finance app empowering thousands of Australians to take control of their financial health. The company wanted to establish a strong brand presence and appeal to a broad audience of young adults seeking to improve their management of personal funds. WeMoney turned to TikTok with two goals: to reach as many people as possible within this target audience, and to maximise downloads of the app.

The Solution

WeMoney ran a series of In-Feed Ads, which appear natively within the target audience's 'For You' feed where they discover new content on TikTok. By creating a series of videos that align with the look and feel of organic TikTok videos, WeMoney was able to build a high engagement rate with users and convince them to download the WeMoney app.

WeMoney Head of Growth Michelle Lia explained, "With a bit of experimentation with creative, we found native content worked best and we were able to reach these audiences in an authentic and engaging way to help drive downloads." Using official TikTok Creators and ordinary users speaking directly to camera, WeMoney's campaign videos were able to break the fourth wall and deliver a personalised message, creating a sense of authenticity and building trust with viewers. Having a strong call-to-action in the ad creative further encouraged users to download the app.

The Results

The campaign achieved 1.9 million impressions and was highly successful in stimulating downloads, thanks to the powerful combination of organic-feeling creative and strong call-to-action. A 5.87% conversion rate was achieved with a cost-effective $0.37 cost per click. With strategic use of limited budget, WeMoney was able to reach a large number of TikTok users and establish solid brand awareness among the target demographic. In fact, the campaign performed so well that TikTok became WeMoney's top channel in terms of Cost Per Acquisition, and is now a core part of their paid acquisition strategy.

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