Driving new installs with Creator Marketplace for a sneaker app.

The Objective

Wanna Kicks, an app developed by a fashion-tech startup WANNA , virtually fits a vast collection of latest and hottest kicks on your feet using Augmented Reality. This allows users to conveniently try on shoes before dropping the cash.

With a relaunch of the app in the works, WANNA wanted to reach and connect with Millennials and Gen Z through TikTok to help boost app installs. But for a budding startup like WANNA, budgeting was everything. Fortunately, TikTok offered exactly what it needed.

The Solution

These days, sneaker aficionados aren't looking for performance footwear - sneaker culture is about statement pieces and status. That's why, when trying to reach sneaker heads, it's important to find someone who speaks the same language. That's where the TikTok Creator Marketplace (TCM) comes in. TCM is the only platform offering free, easy and structured access to a huge base of TikTok creators, making it easy for brands to find the right creator.

WANNA was looking for creators that were male, based in the U.S., and between the ages of 18 and 25. They also had to be a vlogger or comedian with average video views in the range of 50,000 to 100,000, and an average engagement rate of at least 19%. Luckily, all of these parameters can be set in TCM's creator search page. By leveraging TCM's convenient search tools, WANNA found multiple creators who fit their needs, including @jabrilm19 and @josephwsj.

In order to seamlessly blend into TikTok's For You feed, WANNA wanted the videos to look organic. They leaned on the creators’ experience and knowledge of their own audiences to determine each video’s content strategy. The platform made it easy to not just discover, but also brief and negotiate with the creator directly. And the creators were happy to both mention its branded TikTok page, @ wanna_kicks , and add a call to action. That way, WANNA was able to easily convert their fans into traffic for its own TikTok Account. Here, auidence can discover more about WANNA, and download Wanna Kicks app in the Account bio.

The Results

Creator video promoting Wanna Kicks drove a total of 15 million video views and 230,000 likes, with an engagement rate of 15.91%. More importantly, the startup saw an uptick of 75,000 new installs in six months. Besides that, the deep insights offered by TCM Campaign Reporting helped WANNA to make impactful adjustments to campaigns. So 35% of the TikTok budget was reassigned to boosting the creator content. 

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