Vodafone Italy

Vodafone Italy

Creating a buzz around leading mobile network Vodafone’s under 25s tariff amongst young people in Italy.

The Objective 

Vodafone is one of the most popular mobile networks in Europe, with an estimated 19 million users in Italy alone. As the new school term approached, they came to TikTok for help promoting their “Shake it Fun” under 25s tariff by creating a buzz on the platform. 

The Solution 

Sometimes, a campaign requires a multi-level approach to reach the right audience. In Vodafone’s case, they chose to use three of TikTok’s most popular solutions: TopView, One Day Max In-Feed Ads, and Brand Premium In-Feed Ads. 

For the TopView ad, Vodafone worked with leading TikTok Creators to show off the benefits of its tariff in a light-hearted and entertaining way. From music streaming access to gaming, each benefit was shown in the context of heading back to school, ensuring maximum resonance with its target audience. This premium placement is also the first video a user sees when opening the app, before merging into the first video of the feed, offering the largest possible canvas for a brand’s message.

The same video was then deployed as a One Day Max In-Feed Ad, appearing alongside native content in a user’s For You feed. Sound-on and full screen, One Day Max In-Feed Ads feature alongside other user-generated content, and offer 100% share of voice for your brand name and a short description or call to action. 

The third solution, the Brand Premium In-Feed Ad, saw Vodafone engage with three popular Creators to further communicate the value of its tariff. Davide Moccia, Alessia Lanza, and Florin Vitan each created individual content to boost the campaign, themed around the “back to school” concept. The videos were all skinned in Vodafone branding to further enhance brand recall and user experience. 

Vodafone’s multilevel approach, coupled with the involvement of popular Creators, meant that this campaign gained an incredible amount of traction in the short time it was live. 

The Results 

With their simple and eye-catching creative, Vodafone’s campaign attracted over 14 million impressions, far exceeding expectations. For the TopView video ad, more than 13.3 million video views were recorded, and an incredible 2.57 million clicks drove users to the Vodafone tariff page. The One Day Max In-Feed Ads  was equally as successful, gaining 5.1 million impressions and over 31,000 clicks. And for the Brand Premium In-Feed Ads, each influencer received at least 710,000 impressions, and drove almost 15,000 clicks to the Vodafone page.

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