Vodafone Ireland

Vodafone Ireland

Opening Vodafone X's student learning and experiential platform to young people in Ireland.

The Objective

Vodafone X is the student-focused mobile plan from one of the world's leading telecom providers. For users of Vodafone X, Vodafone provides free and exclusive access to a dedicated learning platform called 'Level Up', which is designed to offer professional creative spaces and online learning courses for young people, all as part of their monthly plan.

From professional recording studios and rehearsal rooms to web talks and seminars, the Level Up platform is a unique and inspiring addition to any young person's Vodafone X mobile tariff. In April 2020, Vodafone decided to offer access to their learning platform to anyone – regardless of their mobile network provider. To help spread the word, Vodafone knew that only TikTok could provide the reach they needed with this audience.

The Solution

Vodafone X utilised TikTok's most engaging ad format, TopView, to spread their message to young people across Ireland with a slick 10s video. TopView ads offer a 100% sound-on experience that is served to all users on opening the TikTok app, providing maximum reach in a full-screen package that features only your brand's message.

The video itself poses the plausible question of 'bored at home?' in the opening scene, cleverly engaging with young people's predicament of being away from work and education due to social distancing measures. The ad then encourages users to boost their skills with Vodafone X's free online courses through the Level Up programme – available to all students on any network.

The video features a catchy sound clip, pulling viewers in, keeping their attention and immersing them into Vodafone X's world, driving effectiveness through appealing to all the senses.

An enticing 'Get Started' call to action led users to Vodafone X's Level Up landing page, where students could explore the courses available to them. Tariff details were displayed alongside the learning platform information, increasing awareness of their suite of student-only packages.

The Results

In just one day, the Vodafone X TopView ad generated more than 1.7 million impressions, and drove hundreds of thousands of young people across Ireland to the Level Up landing page.

More than 350,000 clicks were recorded during the one-day awareness campaign, far surpassing all TikTok and industry benchmarks for engagement.

Proof of how well-matched this campaign was to the TikTok community can be seen in the watch length of the video. Almost half of all viewers watched at least 3 seconds of the video, while more than 40,000 users watched the entire 10s video.

TopView is a perfect example of TikTok's ability to deliver immersive campaigns to a specific audience, at the same time as generating excellent engagement. The ads offer a premium, upfront placement for messages that obtain maximum reach, all contained within a full-screen, single brand environment.

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