Vivienne Sabó

Vivienne Sabó

Build awareness for a new foundation product in Russia with a Branded Hashtag Challenge

The Objective

Vivienne Sabó is a French beauty brand, best known for its award-winning mascaras. It recently sought to introduce its new SHAKA SHAKA foundation to the Russian market by running its first Branded Hashtag Challenge on TikTok. It was also the first ever challenge in the makeup category. The goal of this campaign was to drive awareness and generate engagement with SHAKA SHAKA in order to leave a lasting impression on the Russian TikTok community.

The Solution

The product in itself offered a clever hook. Since SHAKA SHAKA needs to be shaken before applying, Vivienne Sabó's #SHAKA_SHAKA challenge called for just that - the choreographed dance required participants to shake their SHAKA SHAKA bottles, and their bodies.

The Hashtag Challenge was set to an official track that was produced exclusively for the brand by a popular TikTok creator. The combination of a catchy song, simple-to-replicate choreography and seamless product integration made the #SHAKA_SHAKA challenge easy for users to join in and participate.

Vivienne Sabó supported the #SHAKA_SHAKA challenge with In-Feed Ads to drive brand and product awareness. It also utilized Premium Badge 2.0, an innovative type of In-Feed Ads that demonstrated the product in the video and increased click-through rate by up to 50%. and drive additional traffic to the challenge page.

The Results

Vivienne Sabó's #SHAKA_SHAKA Branded Hashtag Challenge exceeded all expectations with 1.53 million users submitting videos, while the overall campaign drove a whopping 1.3 billion video views. Users were also highly engaged at a rate of 12.8%. The Premium Badge 2.0 format also Thanks to Vivienne Sabó's Hashtag Challenge, its SHAKA SHAKA foundation is off to a great start in Russia.

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