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Vinamilk Delight

Drumming up awareness & excitement among Gen Z and Millennials for its launch in Vietnam.

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194 M
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133 M
Total Campaign Impressions

The Objective

As one of the 50 largest dairy companies in the world, Vinamilk has been providing families and children in Vietnam with a wide variety of dairy products including fresh milk, yogurt and powdered milk for more than 40 years. Due to its long history as a family brand, Vinamilk has developed a knack for reaching younger consumers in innovative ways.

Vinamilk’s goal was to promote the launch of its all-new Delight line of ice cream in a way that incorporated the brand’s youthful spirit and mission of bringing friends together. To create awareness around the launch, in the summer of 2020, Vinamilk turned to TikTok as the ideal place to reach Gen Z and Millennial consumers and leave a lasting impression in their minds about how fun, enjoyable and delicious Delight ice cream can be.

The Solution

Vinamilk ran an engaging Branded Hashtag Challenge, called #VuDieuDelight, featuring a catchy branded song and easy-to-learn ‘Flavor Tornado’ dance. They also cooperated with popular TikTok Creators to help reach a wider audience and show off just how simple the dance was to replicate, thereby encouraging more participants to join in on the fun. The added appeal and fun of the campaign hinged on Vinamilk's clever use of a Branded Effect, which encouraged participants to show off their own spin on the ‘Flavor Tornado’ dance.

Vinamilk increased visibility for its campaign by using the Creator videos as creative assets to promote the Hashtag Challenge through multiple touchpoints within the app, including the banner and trending hashtag list of the Discover tab where the campaign was prominently featured. Vinamilk also ran Brand Takeovers and In-Feed Ads on alternating days to ensure that more people were aware of the campaign.

The Results

The #VuDieuDelight Hashtag Challenge attracted more than 71,000 young users to submit a total of 114,000 videos within just six days, exceeding all benchmarks and expectations set for the campaign. More than 133 million impressions were also delivered through a combination of different ad formats.

With a total of 194 million video views, Vinamilk’s campaign was a great example of how to successfully combine multiple branded solutions to inspire the TikTok community and generate strong excitement and awareness. Plus, among Gen Z and Millennials in Vietnam, Delight is now recognized as a trendsetting ice cream brand that’s fun, playful, and more importantly, top-of-mind the next time they shop for ice cream.

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