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Partnering with TikTok star @kallmekris to drive strong ROAS

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The Objective

Vessi is a Vancouver-based direct-to-consumer brand known for its stylish waterproof sneaker collection. Vessi was an early TikTok adopter, consistently partnering with diverse creators and remixing community content, and has garnered over one million video likes to date.* With a history of strong creator partnerships, Vessi was a perfect fit to use TikTok's new Spark Ads format for its latest conversion-focused campaign. Spark Ads is a native ad format that lets brands boost their own organic content or content of creators as TopView or In-Feed Ads.

The Solution

For its Spark Ads launch, Vessi partnered with Kris Collins (@KallMeKris), a Canadian TikTok star who's amassed 25 million followers and one billion likes from her hilarious videos to date.* Vessi gave the creative reins to Kris, who shot a playful 50-second "lo-fi" story centered around Vessi's waterproof sneakers. The Spark Ads "SHOP NOW" CTA drove to Vessi's website, where people could then shop directly for Vessi's sneaker collection.

In TikTok Ads Manager, Vessi optimized for Traffic and Conversions, as Kris's Spark Ads were scaled to reach broad audiences across the US and Canada. The brand also tested Lowest Cost, where our auction automatically bids to spend the full budget with the lowest possible cost per action.

TikTok has provided immense value to our brand. Not only from a performance standpoint, where we are seeing very positive ROI, but also by connecting us to our audience in a very unique way. Connecting organic growth through partnerships with amazing Creators and a well-targeted ad strategy has been fundamental to our growth.

Gabriel Scaglia Dias
Director of Growth at Vessi

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