V Energy

V Energy

Sponsoring a TikTok Live to increase brand awareness and engagement

The Objective

2020 was a historical year from devastating bushfires, to a global pandemic that introduced us to social distancing and community hardships. Whilst the world experienced a whirlwind of change, one thing stayed constant: the heart, soul, care, and creativity of the TikTok community. Australia’s favourite energy drink wanted to build on the momentum of its activity on TikTok, build its community and increase brand engagement, and increase TikTok followers.

The Solution

V Energy exclusively partnered with TikTok to host the inaugural TikTok NYE Show (powered by V Energy): a 60-minute live show that celebrated the creators and trends of 2020 in Australia. Hosted by famous faces and radio personalities Dylan Alcott and Angus O’Loughlin, the NYE show was attended by some of the most recognisable Aussie creators including; Jimmy Rees, Mia Rozriguez and Bridey Drake.

As the exclusive sponsor, V Energy was featured in all promotional material including; a TopView, One Day Max In-Feed Ad and Discovery page banner all showing the ‘Powered by V Energy' messaging. The hosts were closely aligned with the V Energy messaging and mentioned V Energy’s tagline ‘make it happen’ at various points.

Continuing to build on the excitement and energy of the event, the audience were twice thrown to a creator who was creating his very own V Energy trick shot. Kick starting the new year, the creator video was turned into a successful TopView that went live in January with the words ‘Make It Happen’.

The Results 

The TikTok NYE show was the 2nd most watched live stream in Australia and the 2nd most watched live stream hosted by an Australian user. V Energy also saw an increase of 5,000 followers after its creator-led TopView on NYE Day.

Showing a truly authentic connection and engaged audience with the V Energy brand, all ad assets achieved 30%+ above benchmarks for average watch time.

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